Following the Funding: Nutrition for Growth (November 2019)

Donors pledged US$4.15 billion for nutrition-specific and $19 billion for nutrition-sensitive programs at the 2013 Nutrition for Growth (N4G) event. It was an essential step on the long-neglected road to support country-owned efforts to improve child nutrition. However, many of the pledges made at the London Summit are set to expire by 2020, and the world risks jeopardizing the progress made so far if global donors, governments, private sector, and civil society do not refocus and renew their pledges for 2021 and beyond. In 2017, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe committed to host the next N4G summit in Japan in 2020. Ambitious Tokyo 2020 commitments can accelerate progress toward WHA and SDG nutrition targets, but a failure to act will compound gender inequalities; undermine investments in education, health, and economic development; and mean we will not reach the most vulnerable.

This fifth edition of the N4G scorecard presents sensible analysis of the 12 largest N4G donors and an “ask” for each for the Tokyo N4G Summit 2020.